1 Day Business Continuity Management (BCM) Awareness and Overview Training


Based on ISO22301 and International Industry Best Practices

The BCOE000 training covers the overview of ISO22301, DRI’s 10 Professional Practices as well as local regulatory requirements. This is an awareness training which provides the foundation knowledge in BC Planning and Management for attendees i.e. BCM Landscape, Current Trends and Best Practices, Roles and Responsibilities, BCM Life Cycle and Components of a BC Plan, Challenges and Key Success Factors.

Objective :

This training is designed and aimed to create and enhance the awareness on BCM as well as exploring to attendees the current trends and best practices of BCM.

Outlines and Agenda:

  • What is BCM and Why BCM?
  • BCM Landscape
  • BCM Life Cycle & Components in a BC Plan
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • hallenges and Key Success Factors
  • Classroom discussion

Who Should Attend?

The general workforce within an organization / Individuals who are keen to explore to BCM.

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