2-Day BIA, BC Strategies, Plan Development & Implementation Workshop

2 Days
This workshop begins with the objective of conducting Business Impact Analysis (BIA), attendees will be able to identify the impacts resulting from business interruptions that can affect the organization, and the techniques that can be used to quantify and qualify such impacts. Identify time-critical functions (RTO, RPO, MDP), their recovery priorities, and interdependencies so that the recovery time objectives can be established and approved. Attendees will also be guided on selecting cost-effective strategies to reduce deficiencies as identified during the risk assessment and business impact analysis processes.
In addition, the workshop also aims on guiding and improving participants practical knowledge on BC Plan development and implementation. The workshop imparts essential knowledge based on local banking regulatroy requirements and incorporates DRI International’s 10 Professional Practices. This training and workshop effectively communicates the knowledge, concepts and best practices of BC Plan where participants learn how to incorporate best practices from the experience and approach in identifying business vulnerabilities and impacts.
Participant are brought to understand the roles and responsibility in order to reduce, respond, recover and restore the business functions.
Workshop Agenda

• Overview of Business Continuity Management (BCM)?

  • The introduction and explanation on BCM framework / BNM’s BCP Guidelines on BIA, BC Strategy and BCP

• What is and why Business Impact Analysis (BIA)?

  • Definition of BIA
  • Benefit of BIA
  • Consequences of not having a good BIA

• BIA Process

  • BIA program planning
  • Understand Entity requirement
  • Data collection
  • Understand each business function
  • Understand impact
  • Identify RTO, RPO, MTPD
  • Understand Interdependencies
  • Determine Minimum resources
  • Gap analysis
  • Prioritize CBF

• BIA Summary

  • Project initiation
  • Develop process
  • Data collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Prepare and present the BIA findings

• Overview of BC Strategies
• Select cost-effective strategies to reduce deficiencies as identified during:

  • the risk assessment (RA) and
  • business impact analysis (BIA) processes

• Developing and implementing a BC Plan – BCM Life Cycle (components of a BC Plan) as illustration in the following diagram:

Who Should Attend?

BC/DR Coordinator, HODs, Business and Process Owners, Compliance Officer, IT Personnel, Facility Personnel etc.

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