2-Day Media Spokesperson Training (BCOE-900MS)

2 Days
This module covers the fundamental principles of:

  • Preparing an organization to manage a crisis, its’ brand and reputation.
  • Managing and issuing the necessary communications required to handle any negative and unexpected events, especially in the speed of the internet world.
Workshop Synopsis
Media Handling Workshop During Crisis

  • Panic, unknown facts of the event or disaster and speed of action require prior preparedness – the ultimate essence that creates a stronger brand or destroys it.
  • Managing a crisis badly can take a lot of money and years to rebuild.
  • Prepare your organisation to manage a crisis and come out with a stronger brand, especially in the current VUCA environment.
  • What are the key ingredients or materials required to handle negative and unexpected events, especially in the speed of the internet world.

This 2 day-workshop covers

  • the fundamentals principle of Crisis communication preparedness.
  • exploring, outlining and discovering the fundamentals of media management, spokesperson preparedness.
  • an interactive experience via a practical and effective communication techniques that is applicable in almost any media interaction.
Workshop Objectives

To prepare key spokesperson to manage issues/crisis which can take place on the ground during service.

  • The purpose of this training will be to provide guidance in alignment with international best practice and standards, namely: BS 11200:2014 and the Good Business Practice
  • Provide clarity on roles and responsibilities among the Victims and NOK management.
Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Media Handling Workshop During Crisis

  • Crisis communications and media management basics in accordance with British Standard (BS) 11200:2014
  • Understanding the basic principles of being a Media Spokesperson
  • Practice sessions on Key Messages, Identifying Action Items
  • Basics on how to be a good Media Spokesperson

Day 2: Media Handling Workshop During Crisis

  • Understand how the Media works and be able to manage their questioning techniques.
  • Understanding the power of social media, the different types of Social Media norms and culture
  • Managing viral issues and fake news
  • Practise session as a Media Spokesperson

Who Should Attend?
Senior Management, Crisis Communication Team, BC/DR Coordinators, Business Unit Heads, Crisis Management and Support Team, Facility Team, Emergency Response Team, HR Department and Unit Heads, Head Of Department, Risk Personnel

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